A still form the Missguided ad which utilised never.no ad tech

Ad Tech: Never.no

07th June 2016

By Kristoffer Hammer, Head of Business Development, Clearcast Ltd

Social media vs & TV advertising


For many years advertisers have looked at how they can make their TV ads more topical and start a dialogue with viewers. At last year’s IBC I met the guys from never.no and was very impressed with how they can make social media and advertising work together seamlessly.


Never.no enables viewers  to send pictures or tweets related to an advertiser in order to be featured in the next ad break (among lots of other things). Combining TV ads with social media is far from new, but the never.no approach streamlines the process and helps make the Clearcast clearance easier.


Never.no provides a solution to have complete control of all stages of post-production and – importantly for us – it allows the final sign-off to be with Clearcast. Clearcast will still need a copy of the final ad; for a project where the turn-around may be extremely quick, there will be the need for a bespoke clearance using a system that minimises the risk of human error.


Missguided utilised never.no to engage viewers with their latest fashion in ads. They incentivised viewers to upload their own footage to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Vine by featuring a selection of respondents in their next ad. Have a look yourself here.


Never.no offers a clever way to combine TV advertising with social media, but this pairing is surely only in its infancy. The real challenge is to make viewers interested enough to actually want to interact with the ad. Most viewers are unlikely to ever want to get involved, so it is important that the targeting is right and the creativity makes people want to get their phones and tablets out to take part. Could this be achieved at all without offering prizes?


Check out never.no yourself here, and if you want to know more about fast turn-around clearances for social media, then you should have a chat with Seb Lynch, the Copy Development Manager at Clearcast. Find out more here.