Clearcast receptionist

A day in the life of… Adam Amini

03rd February 2016

Welcome to a new regular feature on the blog where you’ll be able to find out more about the Clearcast team, as well as the people we deal with throughout the industry. As first point of contact for most callers, our very own Adam seems like a sensible choice to kick off proceedings!



Adam Amini



Receptionist, HR & Office Assistant


Tell us a bit about your job:

Pretty much 90% of my job is dealing with people – which I love! Whether it’s internal HR or answering calls on our busy switchboard, I really enjoy being the first point of contact for so many. I enjoy getting involved with lots of different aspects of the company, too. I help out in Copy (reallocating work for cover and letting agencies know who’s covering when their usual contact is away), do some admin for our Comms Exec, and keep the office stocked with tea & coffee. A lot of what I do is ad-hoc as well, so it always changes day to day which is refreshing! Also I answer a lot of general enquiries which has been really useful in getting an understanding of the company.


Currently watching:

Catching up on American Horror Story and making my way through Andrei Tarkovsky’s films.


Currently listening to:

Grimes. I’m 100% here for anything eclectic which I can dance around to!


What’s your commute like?

If I’m running early enough to get the bus, fine. If I have to get the tube at rush hour, then there’s no personal space!


It’s 10am on a typical day – what are you up to?

By 10am, between answering calls of course, I’m making my way through a large herbal tea and starting to do some of my daily HR Admin (updating our employee database with absences). After it has been finalised by the cover team, I’ll start replying to cover emails and letting people know who is looking after their exec’s work for the day!


What’s your favourite part of your job?

As well as getting involved and being a part of lots of different aspects of the company, I love being a first point of contact for people both in and out of the company – I was always told I talk too much so I’m using my powers for good at least!


Do you lunch in or out? What’s on the menu today?

That depends how organised I was the night before and how far away the last payday was! Today’s lunch is a Falafel wrap from a great (and cheap!) place around the corner.


How would you describe the culture at Clearcast?

It’s a great environment to work in. Hardworking (obviously!), a great place to develop in and always get the job done. But the people are definitely always up for having a fun, a chat or popping down to the pub on a Friday evening!


What do you get up to when you’re not at Clearcast?

I’m often found out and about spending my wages on clothes or food (if I had money once I either ate, drunk or I’m wearing it). I love getting out and socialising whether it’s having a meal and some drinks or a dance in East London or Soho! I enjoy watching many different types of films and also do a bit of Screenwriting, after studying film at Uni.