Bespoke Training

Our tailor-made training sessions can be designed to suit your budget, team size, location, duration, level of previous experience and topics of interest! Whatever your training needs are, get in touch with our team and we can discuss your options.


“They tried to fit in as many questions as possible and the support provided was very good.  These were interesting sessions and including a couple of our own STV examples was very insightful.”

Ashley, STV, November 2020.


Who is Bespoke training for?

• Those who can’t find the training topic they’re looking for offered on our website,

• Teams of 5 or more who would like to be trained together,

• Teams who would benefit from a confidential Q&A session,

• Those who would like to cherry-pick topics from our course offerings to create a unique session,

• Those with specific timing or duration requirements,

• Those with varying skill and experience levels within their team,

• Those who wish to take courses which we have previously offered such as Creative, International, Vital Update, Covid-19: Key Changes (see below) or Hot Topic: Travel Training (below.)


We’ve previously provided Bespoke sessions in several different venues including our Central London office, our client’s offices, external locations, and online. Depending on what you’re looking for, and current travel restrictions, we can work out the best option for you.


The carefully designed sessions aim to improve your understanding of the BCAP Code and its application in areas that are specifically relevant to you, relating the rules to your own practice directly. For example, if you’re part of an Agency we can focus on issues affecting your main account, or if you’re an Advertiser we can focus on your specific sector, or areas of particular concern.


COVID-19: KEY CHANGES (Now available as a Bespoke session)

Designed to give you all of the need-to-know updates regarding the pandemic, so that you can continue to get your ads on air and keep them there.


“This training has been invaluable for the new circumstances and planning ads running around/after this period. I’ve already talked at length with the team on what I picked up from these sessions!”

Robert, The Specialist Works, November 2020


There have been numerous changes to government rules, public attitudes and new ASA published guidance. To keep you up to speed with all these important changes, we launched this webinar packed with new case studies, discussion, advice and an opportunity to ask all of your questions.


HOT TOPIC: TRAVEL TRAINING (Now available as a Bespoke session)

Designed exclusively for the travel industry during the pandemic, we analysed the challenges that the sector has faced recently, with advice on how to navigate the rules.


“It was super interesting & made me feel much more confident in knowing where ‘the right line’ is in travel comms at the moment.”

Olivia, Ogilvy, March 2021


With so many travel ads under the microscope due to COVID-19 restrictions, understandably there is a lot of uncertainty in the sector. The live online webinar delves into the hot topic to give best practice advice, including our current approach, dealing with our supers policy, exploring ASA guidelines, the nuances involved and social responsibility issues. Plus, misleading advertising, trivialising the pandemic and (as always) the opportunity to have your questions answered.



Please email with an outline of your requirements and a member of the team will arrange a phone call to discuss your options.




“Michael and Alyx were both friendly and engaging, good use of examples to demonstrate points and a nice pace to get through everything.”

Lauren, STV, November 2020


“Michael and Alyx were fantastic hosts who provided a lot of information in a short space of time.”

Ashley, STV, November 2020


“I liked that it felt informal, which you don’t often get as it made me feel more at ease and could really engage in the training.”

Karen, STV, November 2020


 “Absolutely – I would recommend the webinar to a friend/colleague – having worked in mostly agencies there’s so much of this we just didn’t really know.”

Matt, STV, November 2020


“The session was very interesting and engaging. A great mix of video content and slides. I found it a valuable experience and really didn’t feel I lost anything by not having this in a more classroom-based environment. Great interaction throughout.”

Kenny, SignPost, May 2020


“Bespoke training worked really well remotely. Split into manageable chunks with interactive slides making sure everyone was engaged. A fantastic way to give us all an overview of what Clearcast does and how we can work together so that we can achieve what we all want: memorable and creative advertising for our clients.”

Gareth, SignPost, May 2020


 “Thank you so much for coming down. Everyone has praised the session and said how helpful it was.”

Bradley, Wordley, March 2020




“Compliance training can be dry and confusing. However, Michael was able to engage a large group of attendees and provide a very clear overview of the regulatory landscape using relevant case studies. It is the first time I feel I have successfully delivered training in this area, hence booking him a second time.”

Sarah-Jane, Evoke Films, June 2019


“The training was very useful for the team as we now better understand the nuances of approvals.”

Tiana, H&M, August 2019


“Many thanks from all our team – it was super helpful for us and it gave us very interesting insights!”

Marina, Wayfair, April 2019


“A great opportunity for the team to collaborate and discuss TV copy compliance with the copy clearance experts at Clearcast.  Valuable interaction with Clearcast on how the BCAP code is interpreted and the thought process behind substantiation for the advertising treatments that run on our network.”

Dan, BBC Global News, April 2019




“The Renault training day was beneficial for us and our client. Clearcast gave a clear explanation of their role in the process + running through different ads to use as reference when creating future campaigns will prove to be extremely useful.”

Luke, Publicis, September 2018


“Very informative, really helped our understanding of the overall process, also helped us understand the Clearcast perspective of clearances. Highly engaging and has helped us with deliveries since.”

Russ, 5 Creative, June 2018


“Thank you so much for such an interesting and informative session yesterday. We all agreed that it was great to get a clearer idea of the Clearcast processes and understand what the new gambling restrictions might entail – information that will be hugely beneficial going forward.”

March 2018


Thanks so much for our training last week, it was very helpful and everyone enjoyed it.”

Hannah, Hogarth Worldwide, March 2018


“Thanks so much, the session was fantastic.”

Emily, AMV BBDO, March 2018




“Thought it was very useful. Biggest takeaway for me was that it is in Clearcast’s best interest to get ads on TV too. Therefore the advice they give is genuine and the more we provide at any given stage, the better for everyone.”

Kayleigh, The Gate, November 2017


“Great presentation which introduced us to the approval process with really interesting examples which helped inform us why things do/don’t get passed. Michael is clearly very passionate and knowledgeable about the process and he brought much energy and enthusiasm to the morning.”

Fall Off The Wall, August 2017


“I speak on behalf of the Duracell organization yesterday & can definitely say it was a great enriching experience for us & we look forward to our engagements in the future. We also thank you for patiently answering all our queries & we think the interaction really helped our learning process.”

Jaideep, Duracell, June 2017


“Thank you for coming into Saatchis and for the great presentation.  It really was brilliant.”

Hollie, Saatchi & Saatchi, June 2017


“I speak on behalf of the team when I say it was really interesting and useful, giving us a better understanding of your processes as well as what we can do to improve ours.”

May 2017


“The session was fantastic. We went through the practical bits on how to upload things into clearcast, how the process works, who evaluates what, etc., but the thing that was the most fascinating was getting beyond that.  Michael was great at explaining why Clearcast exists in the first place, who it benefits, why they do what they do, and perhaps most importantly, debunk the myth that they are only there to try to shoot down ads that are risky. Further, the format was great – it wasn’t a lecture – it was a discussion with tangible examples.  The examples varied across different types of clients (FMCG, retail, etc.) and he was willing to go into specifics on the trickiest industries (i.e. gambling, alcohol, etc.). All in all, a worthwhile investment of three hours.”

Creative Agency, April 2017


“Thank you very much for the training, everyone was very pleased with the content and enjoyed your presentation.

Martyna Myka, Beiersdorf, February 2017




“The Clearcast training was very insightful and has provided me with a better understanding of the compliance process. It was very informative and succinct in explaining common issues and how they can be overcome or avoided. By exploring the typical blunders which cause issues in the past and explaining how to avoid them the training has truly benefited my future work for the long run.”

Josh, Viacom, October 2016


“Well-structured course and an engaged audience who found the balance of practical versus theory very useful.”

Sonia,  eg+ worldwide, August 2016


“We all felt that it was very useful to each and every one of us and thoroughly enjoyed your presenting style. You had an excellent number of examples and we liked the way you challenged our decisions on ‘what was wrong here.”

Victoria , JML, July 2016


“I just wanted to say a massive thank you for the training yesterday – everyone found it really informative and enjoyable !”

Lucy, SapientNitro, May 2016


“The course was well structured, informative and the case studies were helpful and interesting. Although, there was some hesitance at the outset that it could be ‘death by PowerPoint’ everyone felt engaged and came away armed with new information. Michael is a particularly engaging presenter provoking lots of debate.”

FCB Inferno, February 2016


“The bespoke session was really helpful in helping us to understand Clearcast processes and Broadcast regulations. The session offered us a broad overview of important considerations agencies must take when writing and producing ads. I really enjoyed the examples selected by Michael, and they helped to highlight the reasons why ads were acceptable or unacceptable. For those who already had some experience with Clearcast, the session really helped to test and cement their understanding of the content covered.”

VCCP, February 2016


“The training session was engaging and dynamic. It certainly dispelled a few myths and made me reflect on best practice and interpreting the code. After nearly 15 years of working in Broadcast Media Sales I felt confident that I had a good handle on compliance and regulation, but I still learned a lot. The examples really made me think and challenged my viewpoint. Well worth the investment, both monetarily and time-wise.”

Georgina, Channel 4, January 2016




“Key to the success of Michael’s presentation is that he makes it an interactive forum rather than a list of do’s and don’ts. It worked perfectly in helping the team to better understand the role they play in getting an ad on-air and what the watch outs are at every stage of the process.”

George, Karmarama, November 2015


“We contacted Clearcast’s training team to see if they might be able to tailor a session for our agency and client. The session was really helpful – not only did it give everyone a  solid overview of Clearcast and the history involved but it also linked the information to our accounts and highlighted the most relevant information. It also gave us the opportunity to feedback on our experiences with Clearcast.”

November 2015


“Thanks again for your time on Friday – it was a really useful session for the team and everyone has commented on how beneficial it was”

Sophie, Scorch London, September 2015


“Hugely enjoyable and interactive training session. Michael tailored his content to our industry – showing example ads from competitors and our previous creative to help us understand the rules. A big thank you!”

Sadie, Betfair, May 2015


“Sincere thanks for the Clearcast training last week. As you will note there was a very positive response to this training…..this is the first training where the expectations have been exceeded across all sections. Super effort & well done! We look forward to partnering with you to improve our chances of success for future TV commercials.”

April 2015


We found the training extremely useful, thank you very much!”.

Zeina, Turner, February 2015


“The presentation was very insightful…all participants agreed that it was a very useful session”

Henkel Limited, January 2015