CARIA® : An unassuming hero

28th March 2019

By Dan Shawcross, Director of Client Services for Peach Media


We asked Dan Shawcross who is Director of Client Services for Peach Media to write a guest blog about CARIA which is funded by Clearcast for TV and BVoD bookings. Following the merger of IMD and Honeycomb to become Peach, sister company Optimad has become Peach Media.


It’s one of those funny things. You can see something everyday, and not really notice it.


There it is. CARIA. On people’s screens in pretty much every media agency, TV sales house and creative agency in the UK and Ireland.


It’s so ubiquitous and so familiar that it’s really not worthy of comment.


But hang on! Isn’t it…?


Three thousand people collaborating, sharing campaign data online, automating processes, dodging errors…it may be part of the furniture now, but things haven’t always been like this.

CARIA (standing for Campaign Approvals Rotation Instructions Attribution), started life as a linear TV booking module called ‘eCAP’ back in 2003. We moved a labour intensive booking workflow from email and faxes, to the web adding layers of security, standardisation, tracking, reliability and reporting along the way.


We then linked creative agencies and TV admin specialists to the bookings (excluding the sensitive financial data). This enabled them to plan and prioritise their upcoming work, avoiding those last minute nasty surprises, and to create and share copy instructions linked to bookings with media owners.


And hundreds of companies and thousands of people benefit every day.


This might sound simple, but the short description above encapsulates a seismic advance in automated workflow, 15 years of gold standard service and literally millions of managed communications between agencies and media owners.


A small step for media bookings led to a giant leap for the industry


That doesn’t mean we’ve stood still. Far from it.


Clearcast manages the CARIA contract, funding the system and overseeing developments in consultation with its shareholders and the wider industry.


Some of the key developments that have taken place are:


  • The service was rolled out in Ireland.
  • Cinema joined, in the guise of DCM, extending the platform’s AV ‘reach’ for buyers.
  • VoD platforms launched, and were added to CARIA, for both bookings and copy instructions.
  • Wherever we could we focused on automation to simplify workflows. For example, the introduction of the Clearcast “Agency Link” enabled CARIA campaign data to populate media agency campaign management systems, and is now used to great effect by many agencies with Mediaocean.
  • CARIA has been integrated with sales house systems at many leading TV sales houses, including ITV, Sky and Channel 4. This means less time spent on administration and fewer errors in setting up campaign. This benefits all involved, including, ultimately advertisers.


As Sky, who are mandating the sending of copy instructions via CARIA this summer** says


“…. more and more companies are embracing automation in many of their workflows. We have found that automation is more accurate, more reliable and frees up employees in order for them to dedicate more time dealing with complicated issues that in turn gives a better service to our customers.”


The video landscape is evolving, becoming more diverse and more exciting, in particular for viewers. But beneath the covers, and counter-intuitively, many processes underpinning digital media and advanced TV advertising including BVoD remain manual, and time-consuming, and carry risk.


At Peach Media, we are addressing that issue by automating as many processes as possible to enable these new advertising technologies.


This means enhancements to CARIA too. It already handles bookings and copy rotations for BVoD, and this week we will start a pilot for VoD Tag management. This will enable buyers to share ‘click-thru’ and impression Tags with media owners, linking them to bookings and copy instructions. With these vital campaign elements linked in a central system, the final step of putting VoD campaigns live will be made easier, more efficient and in the end, faster.


As Chris Mundy, Clearcast’s MD says


“Peach Media is a key, trusted industry partner for us; the systems and services we contract and run with them fundamentally underpin essential industry workflows. As the industry evolves we’re working with our stakeholders and Peach Media to extend these further into the non-linear digital area.”


If you’d like to learn more about CARIA, or about the tools the Peach Media team are building to enable the industry to develop, get in touch with us at


**be prepared for this change: screen-share training is available from Peach Media’s support desk. Please contact us to book.

International Women’s Day

08th March 2019

By Cass Coakley, Admin & Communications Executive


International Women’s Day (March 8th) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity. The celebration has occurred for well over a century, with the first being in 1911 all the way to today, and wow, how things have changed.


We all know about the triumphs of brilliant women like Rosa Parks and Marie Curie, but today at Clearcast, we’re celebrating women who inspire us in our everyday lives. Whether they’re famous, related, a dear friend or a pillar of our community, we want to know about it.


We asked Clearcasters to describe in one sentence the most inspirational woman they know and why. What we got back was a selection of heart-warming dedications of love and admiration that we would like to share with you.


Superhero Mum

“Single mum who successfully (subject to opinion) raised 5 boys single-handedly while working many jobs and asking for NO help. She is retired today and continues to help her sons including help with grandchildren and emotional support. My mum is my hero and it wasn’t until I had my own children that I realise just how much of an outstanding woman she is. Not sure she would appreciate a blog piece though.”


Danny Turner, Business Affairs Manager



Hometown Hero

“Basically, the answer is either my girlfriend or my mum, and I’m not going to be able to choose between them. So, a hometown hero of mine, and one of the most inspirational women I know, is Margate’s favourite daughter Tracey Emin; like her art, she is uncompromising, brave, and brutally honest about her vulnerabilities.”


Matt Stevens, Senior Copy Group Executive



The Resilient

“Mine would have to be Emmeline Pankhurst. As the leader of the suffragette movement, Emmeline Pankhurst campaigned ardently for women to achieve the right to vote.”


Steph Hughes, Head of HR, Finance & CSR



Her Silver Lining

“My Mum is my hero.  When she was a child she was ill every winter and had to miss months of school.  Despite her illness she spent her time in bed reading everything she could, and as a result she never fell behind at school and was the first person in her family to go to University. But what most impresses me about her is that she always thinks the best of people, she is scrupulously fair, completely non-judgemental, and she will always challenge people with prejudiced views.”


Tara Cowell, Senior Copy Group Executive



Positive Polly

“My best friend of 25 years inspires me to be positive in crap situations. She has a rare shoulder condition that set in when she was in her early twenties, leaving her unable to use one of her arms. She now finds herself with serious physical limitations, and she must self-medicate strongly for the pain. She never seems to let it overtake her life and throws her remaining energy wholeheartedly into her work, boyfriend, family and friends.”


Cass Coakley, Admin & Communications Executive



No, they won’t be punished for ignoring the ‘one sentence’ rule because it seems inspiration knows no limit and if you’re going to rejoice it, today is the day. Go forth and shout about that woman or women in your life that fill your heart with pride and colourful stuff.


Happy International Women’s day from everyone at Clearcast.