Clearcast Closed 24th September

31st July 2018

On Monday 24th September the Clearcast Offices will be closed as the team will be on an all-staff away day.


We’ll use the day to look at ways we can continue to develop and improve the services we provide in the context of the changing media landscape.


As far as possible, we plan to complete clearances for Saturday September 22nd – Tuesday September 25th am  by close of play on Friday September 21st. Please be mindful of the closure on Monday September 24th when submitting ads to us over this period and leave as much time as possible for approval; we can’t guarantee to clear ads where we haven’t had sufficient time to do so.


The Broadcasters have now published Copy Deadlines for the period surrounding the Away Day (Tuesday 18th – Tuesday 25th September).


Airdate Instructions By  Delivery By Approval By
Tues 18th Sep 13th Sep 14th Sep 14th Sep
Wed 19th Sep 14th Sep 17th Sep 17th Sep
Thur 20th Sep 17th Sep 18th Sep 18th Sep
Fri 21st Sep 18th Sep 19th Sep 19th Sep
Sat 22nd Sep 19th Sep 20th Sep 20th Sep
Sun 23rd Sep 19th Sep 20th Sep 20th Sep
Mon 24th Sep** 19th Sep 20th Sep  20th Sep
Tues 25th Sep 20th Sep 21st Sep 21st Sep



**Clearcast closed


VOD: Copy, Rotations, & Tags required for activation between 24th – 25th September are required by EOP Friday 14th September.


Normal Delivery:


Copy Instructions should be supplied at least 2 clear working days before transmission.


Copy should be delivered at least 2 clear working days before transmission to avoid a late delivery.


If you have any questions about the approvals process you can get in touch with us here.

August Bank Holiday Deadlines 2018

26th July 2018

We now have the below copy  instructions & delivery timetable which has been agreed by ITV, Sky Media, Channel 4 & Turner Broadcasting for the 2018 August bank holidays.


VOD: Copy, Rotations & Tags required for activation between 24th – 28th August must be delivered by 17th August


Airdate Copy Instructions By  Copy Delivery By Copy Approval By


Tue 21st August 16th August 17th August 17th August
Wed 22nd August 17th August 20th August 20th August
Thu 23rd August 20th August 21st August 21st August
Fri 24th August 20th August 21st August 21st August
Sat 25th August 21st August 21st August 22nd August
Sun 26th August 21st August 21st August 22nd August
Mon 27th August** 22nd August 23rd August 23rd August
Tue 28th August 22nd August 23rd August 23rd August


** Bank Holiday


Christmas Ads…already

24th July 2018

Yes, it’s still scorching out there and hard to believe Christmas ads are already upon us here at Clearcast HQ.


But they are…and whilst it’s too early, hot and horrifying to think about Christmas jumpers, now IS the time to think about the dos and don’ts as well as some useful guidance when it comes to your Christmas ads:


  • Don’t have decorations or stockings hanging down over a fireplace


  • Always have a fireguard present


  • Don’t have roaring fires which look out of control


  • Mirrors hanging above fireplaces are allowed


  • If you’re going to reveal the shocking truth about Santa’s identity be prepared for an ex-kids restriction. Obviously


  • Unexpected snowballs, or any snowball to the face is likely to be met with an ex-kids restriction


  • There are strict rules about rules about advertising toys – demos need to be accurate, scale references need to be included, anything over £30 should be priced and if batteries are sold separately you’ll need to tell the kiddiwinks


  • It can cause offence to use traditional hymns in adverts designed to sell products so please avoid this. Opt for carols and the pop classics!


Your clearance exec will happily discuss any questions you may have in more detail. Now back to your litre of water and factor 50.

Step inside Clearcast Training

03rd July 2018

Our courses cover the clearance process from script to screen and help you get your ads to air quick sharp.


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A key aspect of our CPD certified courses are the interactive formats, with audience response remotes making quizzing come alive as well as dozens of real life advert examples to draw upon and discuss. We cover key areas including the clearance process, timing restrictions. claims & support, superimposed text and navigating the Copycentral system.


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100% of our 2017 attendees rated the sessions as good to excellent, click here to find out why!


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To book a place on any of our courses please get in touch directly here or head over to our training page to book online.