Gambling Training: 3 of a kind

27th March 2018
With new tougher guidance for gambling ads now in place, we are ready to reveal our hand…a trio of Gambling Training Courses scheduled later this year!


The 90 min sessions will focus on the key dos and don’ts for Gambling TV ads in the UK. For the 1st time in nearly a decade we are exclusively offering training on Gambling ad regs and where better to do so than the 3 hubs for Gambling companies: Malta, Gibraltar and London.


For more course details, prices and a range of discounts head over to our booking page. We are expecting a full house, so don’t delay and book today.


 The line up is:
  • Malta on 13th September 
  • Gibraltar on 27th September 
  • London on 4th October 

Responsible Gambling Messaging

27th March 2018

The industry Group for Responsible Gambling (IGRG) has announced an amendment to their Code. From 30th June the IGRG will require that references to are held on-screen throughout the duration of the ad.


The new requirement addresses concerns that responsible gambling messaging often doesn’t appear on screen for long enough to be noticeable to viewers.


Clearcast’s role is to ensure that ads  comply with the BCAP Code, not those of third parties.  We will, however, advise advertisers and agencies of this requirement and point out if this social responsible message is not held for the duration of ads.


The IGRG represents five trade associations which in turn represent all sectors of the gambling industry.


Download the IGRG Press Release which gives further details of this news.

Clearcast 10th anniversary newsletter

22nd March 2018
This Spring edition of our bi-annual newsletter is a very special one. We’re delighted to be celebrating our 10th anniversary here at Clearcast and have brought you a bumper edition which reflects on the last ten years and also takes an optimistic look to the future. Download it now or read on for a taster of what’s inside.




A view from the board

Mark White and Helen Stevens, two founder Clearcast Directors, look back on how and why we came into being, how we’ve performed and their hopes for our future


A view from the ASA

Guy Parker gives us his take on 10 years of Clearcast and the ASA working together


10 years, 10 highlights

The ten most interesting Clearcast facts you’ll ever read

Clearcast Board Member and Channel 4 Traffic Manager Kim Wakes gives an interview on the impact CARIA® has had on Channel 4


10 years of Regulatory change

We look back at 10 years of regulatory change. Some big, some small, but all significant


10 years of Live Ads
We’ve been instrumental in helping to bring live ads to television


A photo quiz!

Guess the young(er) Clearcast board members to win a bottle of champers (closing date April  27 2018).


And much more!


DOWNLOAD: Clearcast 10th Anniversary Newsletter

On-set guidance 

20th March 2018

By Seb Lynch, Copy Development Manager


In an ideal world the filming of all television ads would follow the exact wording of an approved pre-production script. Knowing copy has been accepted by Clearcast in advance gives agencies and advertisers peace of mind. But of course we don’t live in an ideal world. Very often a precise pre-production script cannot be written because elements of the ad will be created on the day of filming. For example, you might be filming debates between journalists like in a recent campaign for The Times. Or you might be interviewing dementia carers describing their experiences like a recent Alzheimer’s Research UK campaign. In instances like this, the content cannot be scripted and pre-approved by Clearcast, so it’s good to know that Clearcast is available to provide advice and guidance on set.


As Copy Development Manager, one of the things I can do to help ensure ads get to air smoothly is to go to shoots and provide advice as the ads are being shot. Which is exactly what happened in the case of the two campaigns mentioned above. When an agency knows there will be improvising or ad-libbing or that there are sections of the ads that can’t be scripted, then it makes a lot of sense to get Clearcast’s view as the ad is being filmed. Any compliance issues will be raised then and there so the agency knows what to leave out of their edit and whether they’ll need another take. Clearance is not given at this stage but clear guidance is, so the agency can put their edit together from a well-informed position, which makes getting the final ad approved much easier.


The aim of the Copy Development service is to save time, money and stress by getting advice and guidance early in the development process. Having on-set help has the same benefits and is an important service in helping Clearcast to fulfil its mantra of helping get ads to air.


If you have any questions about this service or any of the other Copy Development services, please email