The morning viewing meeting

19th December 2017

This post originally featured in our Autumn 2016 newsletter but is always relevant, especially in the run up to Christmas.


It’s 10:05. You’ve got a question for your Clearcast exec. You pick up the phone, dial their direct line and… no answer. Maybe they were making a cuppa, you think. You call again five minutes later. Still no answer. Time to send an email. 20 minutes later you’ve not had a response. You pick up the phone again.


There’s no answer.


Don’t worry, Clearcast hasn’t been decimated by a sudden zombie plague, it’s just the morning viewing meeting!


Every morning at 10am all copy staff attend the morning viewing meeting to watch all the ads that have come in the previous day. Why? Because we love ads. Also, it helps keep things consistent across the whole team and ensures nothing is missed. Contentious issues are voted on, historical precedents are raised and knowledge is shared. It’s the most important meal of the day.


The length of the meeting is dependent on the volume of ads which have come in – at our busiest times, such as the run up to Christmas, execs may not be back at their desks until 11:30 or even later. That’s when they’ll return and see that flurry of missed calls or emails and be able to get back to you (as well as actioning any feedback from the morning viewing, which is often urgent).


So if it’s between 10 and 11:30 and you can’t get a response, leave a message or send an email and trust that your exec will pick it up as soon as they can. It’s always worth checking our Knowledge Base where you can find answers to the most common queries alongside our comprehensive guidance on the BCAP Code.


By Jonathan Laury, Copy Group Executive