Get to know your Clearcasters – Baljit

27th October 2016


Baljit Kaur Sandhu



Operations Administrator


Tell us a bit about your job:

As they say – I’ve got my fingers in all the pies! I deal with all things Admin for CopyCentral, logins for CopyCentral, queries, logging any ASA Complaints, a bit of ingest, cover for all areas of Operations, large Online Flash Test files and the good old Zendesk tickets.


Currently watching:

House of Cards, Orange is the new black, New Girl and a few others! I love my American programmes – God Bless America!


Currently listening to:

Anything that’s latest in the charts, but I do love RnB and old skool rap and hip-hop – they don’t do music like that anymore, they were the good old days!


It’s 10am on a typical day – what are you up to?

With a cup of tea by my side I go through my emails and Zendesk tickets and reply to the queries. If someone in Operations is off then I help cover them or help in ingest. If there’s an ASA complaint I’ll log it into the database and pass onto the Clearcast Exec.


What’s your favourite part of the job?

I enjoy visiting agencies and broadcasters – It’s nice to put a name to a face as we deal with them on a daily basis and we can informally go over any queries they may have regarding CopyCentral, how we work and what we can do to help them or vice versa. I enjoy the fact that it’s a varied role – I could be covering an Operations Assistant for three weeks and at other times I could be helping in ingest.


Do you lunch in or out? What’s on the menu today?

I lunch in and out! But today I am having a cheese, avocado, basil, and pesto bagel from a French place round the corner.


How would you describe the culture at Clearcast?

It’s a friendly place and a great environment to work in. Everyone is easy going and we do have a fair few social gatherings.


What do you get up to when you’re not at Clearcast?

I split my time between my family and friends. I love going out to new restaurants and afternoon teas and socialising with friends and family. I have a husband and a son so we normally have a family day out and about on weekends whenever we can, or we just laze around the local parks where my son loves to bike ride. Generally I’m busy dropping and picking my son up from all his activities – it never stops, but it’s great for him.

Major CopyCentral Upgrade

26th October 2016

Last night we rolled out some exciting changes to the way CopyCentral works. We fully migrated to CopyCentral a little over a year ago and since then we’ve been constantly working on making it even better and more reliable. We’ve listened to feedback from across the industry to help shape the future development of CopyCentral. This batch of improvements is the first in a wave of changes we’ll be making over the next year – if you’ve got a suggestion for increased functionality let our team know at


System Functionality

A lot of tweaks have been made under the hood, and from Clearcast’s side, which you won’t see but will speed up the process. Read on for the improvements which you will be able to see.


Submission Statuses

The statuses which apply to scripts and videos at various stages of the clearance process have been clarified to help you know what’s going on.


‘Pending’ has been renamed ‘With agency’ – these are submissions which require your attention and will need to be sent back to Clearcast (with any additional information or amendments which have been requested) before your contact can continue the clearance process.


You will also be able to see when a submission has been sent to the viewing meeting with the ‘Sent to viewing’ status.


‘In progress’ is a new status which applies to scripts and videos. When a script has been sent to your Clearcast contact’s second reader it will show as ‘In progress’. For videos ‘In progress’ means that the submission has been passed from the Operations team to your Clearcast contact.


Default Page

The default page that you land on for active submissions remains the ‘Feedback’ page where you can see the discussion that’s taken place between you and your Clearcast contact. For provisionally approved or fully approved submissions, the default page will now be the ‘Final Action’ tab so you can tell at a glance that it has been approved and which restriction/presentation codes have been applied.


Leaving Feedback on Final-Actioned Ads

Once an ad has been final-actioned the ‘post comment’ button will disappear so you will no longer be able to add any additional feedback. This avoids confusion about whether a submission is still in progress or not, and what information was held at the time an ad was approved.


Parent/Child Emails

Previously when a ‘parent’ clock was approved you would receive an automated email plus another for each ‘child’ clock. For an unlucky few this meant a deluge of hundreds of emails. From now on you’ll receive just one automated email from the ‘parent’ clock, listing all child clocks, to help you get that inbox back under control.


Accounts – A Reminder

Agencies are responsible for all account admin, including creating new user accounts and deleting those belonging to employees who have moved on. This is crucial for data-protection purposes and forms part of the CopyCentral terms of use. Sharing of logins is against the terms of use for the same reason. If an account exec leaves your agency for a rival it would be a breach of data protection and confidentiality if they log back in to your agencies’ submissions. If we become aware that an agency is not deactivating old accounts or is sharing logins, the whole agency’s account could be frozen or, in an extreme case, a company’s access to CopyCentral could be withdrawn.


Email Alerts

As a CopyCentral user you receive automated emails related to your submissions as well as important updates like this one. If you would like to opt in to receive news of important regulatory changes, newsletters, training course announcements or press releases you can sign up to receive those emails here.


If you have a suggestion for further CopyCentral development let our tech team know, and in the meantime please follow us on Twitter for the latest news on all things Clearcast.

The Clear View:

19th October 2016

The Advertising Standards Authority has upheld a complaint about gaming site Gambling has proved to be as hot a topic as ever with the regulator this year, across both broadcast and non-broadcast advertising. Just this week there was also a not upheld ruling about a LeoVegas TV ad as well as two upheld rulings on non-broadcast ads.


On the rare occasions that a TV ad receives an upheld ruling – last year saw fewer than 40 upheld rulings of the 68,500 video submissions we considered – we take stock, see if there’s anything we could have done differently, and whether the ruling sets a new precedent. Sometimes it’s as simple as not having been provided with the full information at the time of clearance, other times it’s a game-changing decision which may affect how a whole sector can advertise. In the case of the advert however it fits into the grey area of interpretation and nuance. The ASA’s chief exec wrote an article that covered this subject in our last newsletter if you fancy further reading.


The Bgo ad was one in a series of a long-running campaign featuring the same character and his catchphrase.  We considered the issues raised in the ASA’s investigation at the time of clearance and our view was that the ad fell on the right side of the line. The ASA has disagreed, calling out particular attention to the following:


‘…the boss character had appeared in previous Bgo Entertainment campaigns, but [we] considered that not all viewers would be familiar with the character or realise that he was the owner of the casino, which was only stated in the last line of the ad. Without that knowledge, although he was not shown gambling, we considered that viewers would understand his extreme wealth to be the result of gambling.’


Sometimes when we disagree with an advertiser or agency’s interpretation of a script, we are asked to look at it as part of the campaign as a whole – whether that’s a long running series of TV ads or activity in other media. While this can be an interesting and useful exercise, – we have to strive to take all ads on their individual merits, whether or not they form part of a larger campaign. However, sometimes it can be difficult to divorce ourselves entirely from the knowledge of what has come before. This case is a reminder to Clearcast and the industry that knowledge of brand characters can never be assumed, no matter how long-running or well publicised.

Broadband Pricing To Change on 31st October

05th October 2016

Earlier in the year the ASA announced that changes were necessary in the way that broadband prices are presented in advertising. From 31st October these changes come into force and any adverts that don’t follow them will be liable to be the subject of an upheld complaint.


The new approach to pricing which the ASA is recommending is as follows:


‘The most prominent price claim should make clear the total, consolidated monthly cost of the contract, including, with equal prominence, the cost after any applicable introductory period, and the overall length of the contract. All compulsory one-off costs that need to be paid to obtain the service should be consolidated and should appear clearly and immediately alongside the most prominent price claim.’


What this means is that where packages contain broadband and line rental, these must be presented as one monthly price rather than separated out. Here’s a basic example of copy unacceptable from 31st Oct:


Large on-screen text: “Broadband £8/month”


Supers: ’12 month contract. £15.99 line rental required. £15 set-up fee applies. £4.99 one-off delivery charge. T&Cs apply.’


And here’s the acceptable version:


Large on-screen text: “Broadband £23.99/month for 12 months. £19.99 one-off fee applies.”


Supers: ‘T&Cs apply.’


Offers vary in content, so make sure you run your proposed version past your contact as soon as possible to get approved copy on air in time for the deadline. The ASA is still looking into the presentation of speed claims in broadband ads and we’ll update further as soon as we have any news.

Christmas Copy Delivery Deadlines 2016

03rd October 2016

The below document outlines the copy delivery/instruction deadlines that have been agreed between the IPA and the broadcasters for the 2016 Christmas period.


Christmas Copy Delivery Deadlines 2016


We hope it’s useful. Please bear in mind we will be clearing ads to their air date, not play out or the copy delivery date.


Click here to find out what days we’re open over the Christmas and New Year period.


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