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5 Playful Tips For Toy Ads

19th October 2015

We’ve already seen a bulging Santa-sack full of toy ads in the run up to Christmas, and we know there are more to come. Here’s a rundown of five things you need to know if you deal with toy ads:



If the toy is shown moving on its own, lighting up, shooting laser beams or flying around the room then this should be a genuine demo. This includes the quality of any noises a toy makes. We are likely to need a sample for these kinds of toys.

Scale Reference

The ad should make it unambiguously clear what size a toy is. Stating the size in on screen text isn’t enough – kids will be so excited by your awesome toy that they may not understand what it means. Showing a child holding the toy is the most obvious solution, but we have also accepted toys being shown next to common household items that kids could reasonably use as a comparison.

Direct Exhortation

The BCAP code is pretty unambiguous here – ads must not directly exhort kids to buy a product OR to ask their parents to buy it. This means that phrases like “Buy it now” can’t be included, but “Available now” would be fine. You could also try addressing ads to a parent or guardian instead.

Pricing (part 1)

Price-minimisation isn’t allowed in ads for children’s products. What does that mean specifically? Words like ‘only’ or ‘just’ in front of a price are a no-go.

Pricing (part 2)

If a toy costs £30 or more, the price must be stated in the ad – this can be in on screen text. If you are featuring a number of different toys at varying prices then you’re ok to state the range of prices rather than every single price individually.



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CopyCentral Status Updates

12th October 2015

**30/10 – An update was applied to CopyCentral this week and we believe this has now been fixed. If you continue to experience delays to status updates let us know and we’ll look into it.**


The status of submissions on CopyCentral changes at different stages of the clearance process, showing whether a particular script or video is with Clearcast, final actioned (approved or rejected), or pending the agency’s input (for further comment or amendments, for example).


We are aware that there can be delays to these status changes and work is going on to fix this. These delays are intermittent and unpredictable rather than constant, so they may not affect everyone.


When a submission is sent back to an agency or final actioned, the creator of the submission will receive an automated email – these aren’t being delayed. This means that if a script is approved you will receive an email alerting you, but when you open the submission it may not show as being approved until a little later.


We are aware that this could cause confusion and are working with our system provider to resolve this issue as a matter of urgency.


On a related topic, when a revised script / substantiation  is uploaded or comments are made on a submission, the ‘Return to Clearcast’ button must be pressed in order for your Clearcast contact to be able to progress the submission. Posting comments or uploading a revised script / substantiation without pressing ‘Return to Clearcast’ could result in delays to clearance; the submission won’t bounce back into your Clearcast contact’s inbox and will still appear on CopyCentral as pending the agency’s input.


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