Duck and Waffle competition winner announced

19th September 2014


Over July and August we gave free access to our European Ad Compliance Training  videos and ran a meal competition in parallel.


The videos provide essential guidance to help you create and produce compliant ads in France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, and Spain. Expert speakers from each country covered the hot sectors of Harm & Offence, Misleading advertising, Environment, Motoring, Alcohol, Food & Drink, Advertising to Children and Gambling.


We were keen to hear your feedback on the videos to see ways we could improve them in future as we add more countries to the video library, so we ran a competition which entered every respondent into a prize draw to win a voucher worth £300 to spend at Duck and Waffle, on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower in London.


Our winner was Kathryn Wigginton of Creative Outpost.  Here’s her feedback:


“I found the examples interesting and they really supported what the speaker was explaining. It made it clear how easy it is to mislead the consumer. it was very interesting that the yoghurt packaging failed as it stated that it was ‘high quality’, you really do need to think of the different ways in which consumers will read into the statements.”


Congratulations to Kathryn!


Some more countries have been added to the library – we  have America, Australia, South Africa and Canada in the video library so do have a look. We are added more countries very soon indeed so watch this space.



2014 Agency Survey

18th September 2014

Here at Clearcast, we believe strongly in listening to what you have to say about how well we’re providing the services we offer. Our core service continues to be approving your ads on behalf of the UK’s six major broadcasters and most of the survey questions are centred around this activity, but it’s also useful for us to understand your awareness and perceptions of our other services too.


The agency survey, which we launched back in 2009, is one channel  we use to see how we’re doing and identify areas where there’s room for improvement.  Thanks to those who took the time to complete the survey – your responses are certainly valuable to us and really do help us make improvements where they’re needed.


Below are this year’s headlines; we’ve achieved lots of “best ever” scores, which is great to see but also, as in previous years, identified areas where we’d like to improve.


We saw a record proportion in the number of you who feel we serve you very well or quite well: 78%, up from 74% in 2012 (the last survey) with the proportion saying “very well” at its highest yet at 30%. This figure has been improving steadily since 2009.


As many as 71% of you (the largest number yet) said your experience of working with us is good or excellent and we also saw the highest ever proportion saying “excellent” at 23%.


It’s great to see our training programme is so well known in the industry, but not surprising after five fantastic years which has seen well over a thousand of you walk through our doors for a session. A healthy 78% of you said you are aware of the popular CPD courses for agencies, advertisers and broadcasters. Of those attending, an impressive 84% said the courses were good or very good.


It looks like we need to do a bit more to make you aware of our other services like our International Ad Compliance Training videos and our Copy Development service, so  do check them out here on our website if you can.


The survey showed us some of you haven’t been fully satisfied with the way your work is covered when your usual Clearcast contact is away. Please do check out the article on p17 of our Autumn 2014 Newsletter, which talks you through how and why we do things the way we do in respect to cover.


In an industry with ever shortening deadlines, we know how important turnaround times are to you. Despite increasing volumes, we have maintained satisfaction with our turnaround times at 57% saying good or excellent. We’re always looking for ways to improve our turnaround times, within the constraints of doing the job we are here to do properly. Last year we increased our SLA targets and we continue to achieve these (see p20 of our Newsletter for our mid-year results). Encouragingly a record (23%) told us you thought our turnaround times were excellent.


Below are some great comments about our turnaround times:


“Despite the fact that Clearcast seem to turn around more ads than ever, the process seems to be getting speedier.”


“We sometimes have to act quite quickly on campaigns at short notice and the teams have worked brilliantly in helping us achieve this.”


The percentage of you who are unhappy with turnaround times has dramatically reduced year on year (36% in 2009, 25% in 2010, 21% in 2011, 20% in 2012 and 18% in 2014)and we will continue to try to bring this down.


We’ve seen a significant increase in the amount of you who “strongly agree” we deliver our values which are Respect, Expert, Just & Fair, Consistent and Solutions-Oriented. Over 80% of you say we deliver (very or quite well) on Respect and Expertise and nearly three quarters rate us as Just and Fair. Consistency has been previously identified as an area of further development and as a result perceptions of consistency have improved to 69% now saying we deliver on this. We’ll continue to work to improve the consistency of our service as well as being seen as solutions orientated (66%).


One major thing we’ve been really keen to do over the last few years is to clearly convey our role in the industry. It’s important to us that we’re not viewed as the regulator…because we’re not; that’s Ofcom and the ASA’s job. So we were really pleased that this year, for the first time, a greater proportion of you agreed that our role is to work with agencies to get advertising to air rather than regulate advertising or provide consumer protection.


Thanks once again to all of you who responded, let’s hope we give you reason to score us even higher next time.



Ellie Powell, Communications Executive



Autumn 2014 newsletter

16th September 2014

The bad news is, summer’s almost over. The good news is, we’ve just published our Autumn newsletter which  is full of useful advice, updates and a look at some of the great people who work here.


Below is a snapshot of just some of the articles…


CLEAR – Everything adverts


Our 2014 Survey Results
We’re listening to what you have to say about how well we’re providing the services we offer.


Christmas ads
We have some new guidance for you on the dos and don’ts when it comes to Christmas adverts.


Bringing down the borders for International marketing
Do you know how you’ll make sure your next international campaign is compliant? We do!


Oh no…my contact is off sick!
How we cover your work when your usual contact’s away.



CAST – The people


A Novelist in our midst

A Clearcast profile on Copy Group Exec Jonathan Laury


5 minutes with…

Our new medical consultant Dr Harriet Scorer MB BS, FFPM





Dear Jackie

Our agony aunt tells you what to nip and tuck from your Cosmetic Surgery ads.

Download PDF: Clearcast Newsletter Autumn 2014


CopyCentral migration update

05th September 2014

As we’re now approaching Autumn and the traditional pre-Christmas rush to clear ads, we have reviewed our CopyCentral migration plans. We want to ensure all organisations have a smooth transition from our current submissions system, Adway, to CopyCentral with as much support as they need. Therefore we have decided to migrate agencies over a longer period, into the new year.


We’d like to ask any organisations to continue to use Adway and we will be in touch with your new migration date as soon as possible.


If you have any questions please send them to


We appreciate your patience and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.