Clearcast in a nutshell

Ad agencies, advertisers and broadcasters use our services to conceptualise, develop, produce and broadcast great adverts. Although we are best known for clearing ads for UK commercial channels, we work with clients throughout the ad development process. From providing inspiration and ideas to the procedures and practical considerations of clearance, we play a key role in delivering unforgettable advertising with impact.

TV Admin

Maybe one of your regular team is off sick. Or perhaps you’re just faced with an exceptionally heavy workload. Whatever the reason, your extra support has arrived.



The home of our unique training service, dedicated to helping ads from script to screen.


Copy Development & Pitching

Find out how we can help you at the development stage making sure your ideas can fly.


Knowledge Base

Comprehensive information about using our services and getting ads cleared.


All our Apps

Simple, powerful tools to help you create ads and get them cleared for broadcast. Includes our legal supers test card and our online flash test system.


All our Services

We don’t just do ad clearance. See other services that can help advertisers and agencies with every aspect of ad development and creation.