UK & international clearance

Every year we read over 35,000 ad scripts and view more than 61,000 filmed ads. And that means we’re really good at clearing ads for broadcast. (A good thing, as we clear ads for all the main UK commercial broadcasters.)


We work with agencies, advertisers and broadcasters, providing ad clearance services that help some of the world’s best ads get to air on time.


Because we work with so many agencies and advertisers and view such an enormous number of ads, we’re perfectly positioned to provide expert advice and assistance, as well as clear your ads.


Explore all our ad clearance services from this page.

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    Copy Clearance

    Our copy clearance services check your adverts against the BCAP Code, allowing them to be aired by the UK’s six major broadcasters.



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    Verifying Claims

    Are you trying to say that a product is the best on the market or outperforms its competitors in certain areas? Make sure you can substantiate those claims. We can help.

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    International Advice

    If an ad is going to be shown internationally, it’s not just UK rules you have to think about. Our international advice service makes it easy to understand and meet the rules elsewhere.

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    Late Clearance

    If you’re in a tight spot and need to get an ad cleared at the last minute, we may be able to help.



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    Long-form Teleshopping Ads

    Teleshopping adverts are a little different to other ads, so we have a clearance service just for them. Find out how we can help with your teleshopping projects.

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    The internet is changing how we watch TV, but video on demand ads are subject to advertising regulations too. Don’t worry, we provide a full clearance service.

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    Live Clearance

    Ever thought about generating a buzz by broadcasting a live ad? Get in touch – we can come along and provide the clearance for you.