Welcome to Clearcast - A Guide for Broadcasters, Advertisers and Agencies


 Welcome to Clearcast, A Guide for Broadcasters, Advertisers and Agencies

1st Edition released February 2012

2nd Edition released November 2013


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Content includes...


Welcome to Clearcast

Why do my ads have to be approved by Clearcast?

Who Clearcast is and the role we play in the wider context of TV Advertising


ASA, BCAP and the Codes

...and what an advertiser should do if someone complains about their ad.


How copy clearance works

Our processes (Pre & Post production), signing up to our online system Adway, Your Clearcast Contact, How long does Clearance take? And Speeding up your Clearance…



Training, Out of Hours & Live Clearances, a Case Study in Campaign Planning, Meet the Consultant, VoD, Late Clearance, Teleshopping, OnlineFlashTest.com.


Clearcast for Media Owners and Media Buying Agencies

An introduction to some of the other services we can provide to Media Owners and Buying Agencies.



Five of the our most commonly asked questions, answered.



If you and/or any of your colleagues would benefit from having a handy A5 copy for your office, please send an email request to communications@Clearcast.co.uk with details of your request.