Teleshopping Submissions


The submission process is the same for all advertisers so please follow our general guidelines available on this website.  Further teleshopping questions have been answered  in our FAQ section. Please enter "teleshopping" into the FAQ search field.


The Service Level agreed turnaround times for teleshopping ads of 5 min and longer is within 12 working days.


If you are adapting an existing foreign ad, please create a script submission rather than a video so that all subsequent script revisions can be entered in one place. 


Where possible, please adopt the claims support model (below) and ensure all substantiation is relevant and up to date and is in the submission.

File: Claims support

File: Claim Support Model Guidelines


If the visual material is longer than 5 minutes, please create a video submission on Adway but instead of uploading the video please supply a DVD. Please remember to email  your teleshopping contact as well.


If your ad is over 5 minutes or longer it will be subjected to a charge

£600 for a new submission (this charge will cover subsequent phone number or web address changes, however this will not cover changes to offers that amount to new claims).

£150 for a revision such as change of bonus item, price, duration of commercial. 

Upon receipt of a submission, we will identify if a charge is payable and e-mail the sender with details of the charges applicable.  The submission cannot be processed until acceptance of the charges has been received.


To download the full terms and conditions, please click on the below link: 

File: Teleshopping Ts and Cs v2