Updated Notes of Guidance released


Some of you will remember our Notes of Guidance, historically a document produced by us that reflected our interpretation of the BCAP Code’s rules.

It was useful for advertisers and agencies who needed help interpreting the code for the making of their ads and subsequent clearance for broadcast.

Since the new Code went live we have been using and interpreting it and a dedicated team have now compiled the guidance we want to issue to amplify the new rules.

This revised document is now ready, so please download it now.

(Updated version released March 2014: Notes of Guidance 1.9)

This is a living document that we can update as and when rules change. In addition, if you have any suggestions you’d like us to consider, please email notesofguidance@clearcast.co.uk.

Don’t forget to use the useful bookmarks on the side of the document and the search function so you can easily jump to the relevant section you need.