Flashing & Supers

In this section you will find a collection of helpful resources related to flashing images and super imposed text in your ads, including how we can fix any problems you might have with them.



Edit-to-clear is our exciting new editing service that anables us to help you get your flashing and supers right at the eleventh hour. We can fix any small, last minute edits you might need doing.





Our Online Flash Test services means you can do a quick flash test of any audio-visual material to ensure it meets Ofcom's requirements and it's online HERE, for the first time. 

We also have a check list of requirements for the Flashing Certificate. 




 Height of Supers TestCard

The Clearcast TestCard makes it easier for you to ensure the size of your ad's super-imposed text meets the minimum height.


Duration of Hold Calculator

This handy tool calculates how long you'll need to hold your supers on screen for, based on how many words you'll be using.

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