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Give your ads a flying start! 

Our Copy Development service is for advertisers and agencies who would like advice during any stage of creative development. Our Copy Development Manager, Seb Lynch, can save you time, money and stress by helping you shape your concepts, creative and claims, so that the clearance process is much more efficient.

We offer dedicated face-to-face contact time to highlight and address any potential problems your campaign might encounter. We also offer “off-script” claims assessment, which allows you to receive a formal view as to whether or not your key claims are likely to be acceptable for clearance prior to a full script being finalised. For technical claims we will work closely with our consultants.

The service is useful for all advertisers but especially for those working in highly competitive, contentious or complex areas. For example, in recent months Seb has successfully helped in the development of commercials for supermarkets, newspapers, bookmakers, alcoholic drinks, energy companies, electronic cigarettes, video games and adult toy retailers. 


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2013 Testimonials

“A face to face allows you to discuss and debate areas of contention and get a deeper and richer understanding of how things can be resolved immediately, as opposed to back and forth. Really great service we value enormously and will continue to use.”

- Charles at Crispin Porter + Bogusky

“The service helped to keep the clearance process as smooth as possible. The attention to detail and the quick responses made it well worth it.” 

-  Harriet at Ogilvy


 “Very easy to deal with personnel, who we found to be well versed even in our new category. Feedback was useful, concise and well presented”

 -  Sean at Njoy

“Service was excellent. Consultant extremely helpful and Seb mediated expertly, asking questions to ensure clarity and making suggestions that resulted in mutually agreeable solutions. Very impressed.”

-  David at Lifes2Good


“Bringing Seb on board in the early stages of creative development was really helpful - especially given our tight production timings. I will definitely involve Seb in the future.”

- Clare at Grey


“Seb liaised with Clearcast and ourselves and came up with creative solutions allowing us to move forward with this concept and still fall within the BCAP code. Upon feedback we had a final version presented to Clearcast within the week and it was cleared without question.”

- Alistair Freegard, Wharf Media UK

(Read the full Wharf Media Case Study)


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