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4 Roger Street
2nd & 3rd Floor


020 7339 4700

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 email us with general queries

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Organisation Chart

If you would like to see how our teams are arranged, take a look at our company Org Chart


Fault Reporting

For system problems, bugs, etc. please e-mail or telephone 020 7339 4713.


Phone Monitoring

Telephone calls to and from Clearcast may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes. When you dial into Clearcast, you'll hear a recorded message reminding you of this.


Daily Meeting

Please note all copy clearance staff are in a daily meeting between 10am-11.30am and copy clearance management are in a daily follow up meeting until around 12 noon so may not be able to take calls during this time.


Direct Dials

If you are an Agency, direct dial numbers for your Clearcast contact can be found using our Exec Finder below or in your contact's email signature.


Please type your agency name below to find your copy clearance executive:

If your agency name does not produce any results, you may not be registered as a named agency, therefore type the first letter of your agency name and an executive and his or her assistant's name and number will come up, eg "A agencies".

To email your contact please follow the "" principle.

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