About Us

This About Us page gives you a bit of background on who we are and what we do, but if you want to see a little bit more about the people that work here, how the teams are organised, what we look like (!), how you can get in touch and the consultants we work with and how you can arrange a session with one of them, you're probably best off visiting our People section!


Clearcast was founded in 2008 by Britain’s eight largest commercial broadcasters to simplify the process of getting advertising to air. Incorporating the bacc, we are building on over fifty years of experience of being a partner in the creative process for TV advertising. 

The services that we provide are based on our core strengths:

  • Compliance. We have 50 years expertise in ensuring that television advertising complies with BCAP codes.
  • Advertising processes. We are uniquely positioned to streamline the advertising copy chain to the benefit of everyone that advertises on TV and wider audiovisual media. 
  • Metadata. We hold a range of metadata related to commercials ranging from artists and music featured to advertising restrictions.

We’re developing rapidly and happy to discuss potential business partnerships that match our areas of expertise.


Making it easier to get advertising to air - and keeping it there

At the heart of Clearcast are the core services that we provide the advertising community. We work with advertisers and agencies and on behalf of the commercial broadcasters to get advertising to air as smoothly as possible. To download a printable version of our handy "Welcome to Clearcast" brochure, click here.


Advertising Preclearance

It is broadcasters’ responsibility that all ads transmitted are compliant with the BCAP TV Advertising Standards Code and most broadcasters entrust this responsibility to Clearcast. Our copy clearance team consider over 36,600 scripts and view over 65,000 commercials every year (2013).

We also offer these additional services:

  • Copy Development
  • TV Admin
  • CPD approved Training 

If you have any questions about advertising preclearance, please call our switchboard on 020 7339 4700.


In 2012 we launched some new services to help support advertisers and agencies who want to ensure their ads get cleared as quickly and efficiently as possible. These range from providing additional support early in the script development process (Copy Development and Pitching), to managing the administration of your campaigns (TV Admin) and to providing final edits to your ads to ensure they pass the requirements for superimposed text and flashing (Edit-to-clear). Our mission, making the complex simple.



Compliance of other Audio Visual Media Services, eg VOD 

In 2009 we launched a new compliance service for VoD advertising to help our clients comply with the European Audio Visual Media Services Directive. VoD ads are cleared against the CAP (non-broadcast) code.



CARIA® is the system by which buying agencies send their campaign approvals to Sales Houses (effectively placing their orders for airtime). Creative agencies use the same system to specify the copy and rotations to be used for each booking. The service is free to use for buying and creative agencies. Clearcast commission the CARIA® service on behalf of the TV industry in the UK and Ireland.

For more information about CARIA® click here



Our Attribution service underpins the analysis of television advertising in the UK. We are responsible for validating data for all BARB reported commercial copy transmitted on UK television and attributing it to a product, advertiser, advertising holding company, and buying agency. This facilitates a range of activities from media auditing to lead generation, to share of voice analysis.

To find out more about Attribution CLICK HERE

For Attribution file format specifications, CLICK HERE.

For any further queries regarding Attribution, please contact Dan Shawcross at IMD on 020 7468 6640 or dan@optimad.com.

For any contractual or invoicing queries please contact Steph Hughes at Clearcast on 020 7339 4704 or steph.hughes@clearcast.co.uk

(If you have a question for Clearcast about copy clearance please call our switchboard on 020 7339 4700


Music Reporting

Clearcast is responsible for reporting the usage of music in commercials to rights societies.


Online Flash Test

Since September 1st 2010, all audio-visual ads must comply with rules on flashing images to avoid causing seizures amongst people with photo-sensitive epilepsy. We now offer a fully automatic online service which can test all audiovisual material for flashing images and regular patterns.

For more information please see the article in our news section and http://www.onlineflashtest.com/